ARSHAD GLOVES, Manufacturers & Exporters of Quality Gloves.

About Us

About Arshad Gloves

Arshad Gloves is set up in the midst of vast area of Production & Export in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The installation of machinery was completed in November 1990 and commercial production commenced on 1st October 1992. High quality is bound to generate global demand is meticulously materialized planning of this unit. No compromises allowed from selection of the appropriate cotton lint or Leather to delivery of goods to our respected clients. To achieve perfection in the process, state-of-the-art machinery has been installed. Quality assurance of gloves produced increasingly challenges human perception. To meet this need a fully computerized laboratory system has been set up to check and counter check all necessary quality perameters. The credit of continuing success of Arshad Gloves clearly goes to well-communicated and strictly implemented management policies. Our strength is derived from strong belief in the potential of each committed individual endeavoring at each level of responsibility for the long run success of the company. True involvement in affairs and interest of the company at individual’s area is always ensured.


For the success of the Arshad Gloves, credit goes to the management Policies and strictly adhering to them under all circumstances.Great strength is derived from strong belief in the potential of every individual. Employees involvement in the affairs and interest of the company is always ensured. This active interest is reflected by the fact that Arshad Gloves is one of the first Gloves Manufacturing companies in Faisalabad region that was ISO-9002 certified. Intensive use of integrated computer systems is another reflection of our staunch belief and harmony achieved with the help of the modern technology. Arshad Gloves has developed its business processes around four integrated computer application.

Human Resource

Long-term commitment is a main factor in the industrial production of high quality goods. Experience combined with innovation enable us to meet constantly high quality targets. Our employees are the source of experience and innovation. Each employee is a specialist in his field with one goal; to make something already good even better and to set new quality standards for the whole industry. We provide environment where each individual contributes at his or her best!